She is coming...

Seconds roll, people trolls, Time flies, Human lies, Days progress and in 4 days New Year 2015 will be born. Everyone is happy or at least hope they will be in future. Some where down in earth lives a star- crossed women. Well, let me correct my phrase "lived a star-crossed women"!

Enough is enough!! She ends her life gasping and running for nothing good. She can perceive her life better  and its time to keep a step and move forward. "Its time to evolve and thrive"!! She felt the heat of life like never before. Baking Time is over!! Its time to cool down and eat it! Been baking her feelings since few months. She has risen enough. It's time to celebrate it.!!!

Everyone makes mistakes and could she take that as an excuse? "Never"!... She knew what she was heading for. Her innocent and guilt-free life is done. She doesn't want to overdo anything anymore. She hears the voices of her heart moving towards the one she adore. Nobody cares for anyone unless and until they display what they are capable of unlike parents who love us forever. With the above sentence being completed she fears what if her parents would give up on her iron-willed, indestructible sarcasm, and never ending criticism on her life..

She looked at her flair and finesse... Yes, she has something.. At least ‘that something’ needed to accomplish her target .. “ She keeps sipping on that something and complains to her nothing.” This time She doesn’t abstain  from distractions yet she calls for distractions just to kick them and Kiss it goodbye..!!!

She has made it nail on her head and inside her heart to move toward the goal she has set earlier.... No.!!!! Its is not a goal anymore its an objective.!!! Who needs a goal? Not her! For those who mock at her progress needs a goal..Yes retards needs a goal..!!! She already commenced feeling the scent of success, flavor of happiness and she needs only an objective..She is already on the move to bring all the talks into action.

 For all the people who trolled at her life. Author of the post has a beautiful note saying...

“ She is coming back with her success not to display what she is capable of but to join them in laughter. Yes...!!! This time laughing at their filthy, rotten and sick living”!!

Hail of emotions...

It’s been a long time since I opened my blog and there is someone locked from inside and patiently knocking the walls of my heart. Err... Patiently? Absolutely! Like an Aorta which carries and distributes rich oxygen to all arteries, you carry and distribute pure affection and happiness like never before. Riding inside my veins, purifying my mind, body and soul with your words.
An arrant cosmos is with you. Am elated to be living in one of your planet. I slacken myself and acclaim the way you spin my world. So such of transparency between us even during the times of gloominess. I lounge and savor the happiness from the wind you dispatch me by heating your land. It’s not movement of air. It’s movement of love to their loved ones. It shortly shifted to gale. I elevated my head and observed the dark sky...

Are you really happy? Are you? Words hail from my sky. A Cosmic Ray access my planet and collides with the oxygen. The blood flow to my brain has been interrupted and there i landed in a world of pain and fear. Peace of mind is already on the verge of detain yet hope has always been there. Everywhere! Life isn’t mere happiness. Its a mix of joy and pain. I will up-skill it one day. In fact we all will assimilate it one day or other.

You soon directed rain to my land and annihilated the sadness and minimized my pain.
Instead of sitting in the midst of dark cycles of pain and sufferings, I will subjugate my aversions, torments, agony and discover my broad day light. My sadness is my joy and my darkness will be my daylight one day...

Waiting for the moment...

Gone are the days when I hide and muddle my mind
Not knowing where to find though you were behind
My Heart beats harder and faster than before
This time my beat cannot rescind you anymore...

Feelings keep pushing and pulling me forward 
Emotion shifts in the cadence of your words
I bide and remain serene muffling the voices of mind
Knowing you could sound better and bind us...

You are always there and everywhere in my memory
I wish my life story ends in a real glory and victory
Things we dreamed of, things we visualized are coming
Every flower in our garden will bloom one day...

It's gonna be something that will change us forever
You aren't going to get effaced no matter what so ever
My lane is going to be real, tough, safe and sane
Time don't be cruel and make me kneel before you...

Dear Mind, kindly listen to Heart...

My very special 20th post dedicated to a very special person.  


She sneaks out in the middle of his conversation
To let her heart do the silent manifestation
With his words running deep inside her mind
She let her feelings sing through her song....

Face to face, eye to eye you were standing there
How I wish I could have simply whiled you away?
In a blink of my eye, you took 3 miles away
And my feelings were quite clear and palpable

Your eyes shined  brighter than my morning sun
Rain poured harder when I tried to run
Wind carried your affection and happiness
When I stayed low and hopeless....

I closed my eyes and words rained in my heart
Mind winded up my heart and tried to restart
I do my best not to want for your words
But I do it all the time, all the time, always...

Wish I could make my mind listen to my heart
 And with your acts of valor, I stay without falling apart
I just wanna be with you and with your words
And soon I had some thing else in my mind...

Looking at you...

I got this crazy feeling deep inside me
Every time when you are beside me
I feel like there is a deep connection
When I look at you I sense the addiction
your eyes reflect nothing yet my emotion
My heart murmurs for your affection
I would trade my world  for you...
It shatters my heart every time when you move
I used to ransack everywhere for happiness
But happiness was born around you...
I found the piece that I'm missing
And I'm looking at you....

My heart beats for you...

I've been marooned on a lonely road
Questing for you to unload my hate
Walking in and out to change my fate
I've been screaming all day and night
Dreaming and freezing in moon light
My words get effaced in fog and rain
I feel void and cold without my words
Questing for you, I move forward 
 Hallucinations play on my mind
I keep my chin up and walk with warhead
My desires may be far out of reach
Believe me, I won't breach my destination
I might have lost my word and mind
yet I've my beat so I never retreat
My heart beats for you, only for you
I will track you sooner than you think

It's done

I got a rep for my broken mind
Oh, how I wish you could find
I knew this would take place
I'm afraid you can't be replaced
I see my path clear and bright
Hope you don't miss your day light
You can play your same old game
Oh, whom are you going to blame?
I'm gonna miss picking up fights with you
Sad to know I can't be your bait
If you wish you could come home tonight
How could I miss you in my fete?
Oh dear, We would be delighted...