My heart beats for you...

I've been marooned on a lonely road
Questing for you to unload my hate
Walking in and out to change my fate
I've been screaming all day and night
Dreaming and freezing in moon light
My words get effaced in fog and rain
I feel void and cold without my words
Questing for you, I move forward 
 Hallucinations play on my mind
I keep my chin up and walk with warhead
My desires may be far out of reach
Believe me, I won't breach my destination
I might have lost my word and mind
yet I've my beat so I never retreat
My heart beats for you, only for you
I will track you sooner than you think

1 comment:

  1. That is one heart which loves so much so that the multiverses yet to be discovered would run out of space...!