Dear Mind, kindly listen to Heart...

My very special 20th post dedicated to a very special person.  


She sneaks out in the middle of his conversation
To let her heart do the silent manifestation
With his words running deep inside her mind
She let her feelings sing through her song....

Face to face, eye to eye you were standing there
How I wish I could have simply whiled you away?
In a blink of my eye, you took 3 miles away
And my feelings were quite clear and palpable

Your eyes shined  brighter than my morning sun
Rain poured harder when I tried to run
Wind carried your affection and happiness
When I stayed low and hopeless....

I closed my eyes and words rained in my heart
Mind winded up my heart and tried to restart
I do my best not to want for your words
But I do it all the time, all the time, always...

Wish I could make my mind listen to my heart
 And with your acts of valor, I stay without falling apart
I just wanna be with you and with your words
And soon I had some thing else in my mind...

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