She is coming...

Seconds roll, people trolls, Time flies, Human lies, Days progress and in 4 days New Year 2015 will be born. Everyone is happy or at least hope they will be in future. Some where down in earth lives a star- crossed women. Well, let me correct my phrase "lived a star-crossed women"!

Enough is enough!! She ends her life gasping and running for nothing good. She can perceive her life better  and its time to keep a step and move forward. "Its time to evolve and thrive"!! She felt the heat of life like never before. Baking Time is over!! Its time to cool down and eat it! Been baking her feelings since few months. She has risen enough. It's time to celebrate it.!!!

Everyone makes mistakes and could she take that as an excuse? "Never"!... She knew what she was heading for. Her innocent and guilt-free life is done. She doesn't want to overdo anything anymore. She hears the voices of her heart moving towards the one she adore. Nobody cares for anyone unless and until they display what they are capable of unlike parents who love us forever. With the above sentence being completed she fears what if her parents would give up on her iron-willed, indestructible sarcasm, and never ending criticism on her life..

She looked at her flair and finesse... Yes, she has something.. At least ‘that something’ needed to accomplish her target .. “ She keeps sipping on that something and complains to her nothing.” This time She doesn’t abstain  from distractions yet she calls for distractions just to kick them and Kiss it goodbye..!!!

She has made it nail on her head and inside her heart to move toward the goal she has set earlier.... No.!!!! Its is not a goal anymore its an objective.!!! Who needs a goal? Not her! For those who mock at her progress needs a goal..Yes retards needs a goal..!!! She already commenced feeling the scent of success, flavor of happiness and she needs only an objective..She is already on the move to bring all the talks into action.

 For all the people who trolled at her life. Author of the post has a beautiful note saying...

“ She is coming back with her success not to display what she is capable of but to join them in laughter. Yes...!!! This time laughing at their filthy, rotten and sick living”!!

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